My interest in entrepreneurship comes from my own experiences as an entrepreneur. After my graduation in Industrial Engineering from Penn State University, I started working in AMF Automation—a factory automation company serving the food industry. Being a mid-size company, serving big customers like Tyson Foods and Kroger, we were always thinking of ways to reduce our operating costs. There was considerable trial and error involved when our machines were being tested on the factory floor often leading to delays and cost overruns. I thought of applying simulation modeling to validate our designs before the machines were sent for testing. The idea was so successful that a number of our customers also requested demos of our solutions so they could see how our layout could fit more efficiently within their factories. Thinking there might be a bigger market, I and a few colleagues started selling our simulation solutions through a limited partnership. While many companies showed interest they were unwilling to commit too many resources to an unproven idea especially for the small niche market we targeted. After spending a year soliciting potential customers, we closed our startup with good experience but not much cash.

In my research I focus on solving real world problems while helping mentor new startups. Academically my research focuses at the intersection of entrepreneurship and strategy. Applying theories from economics and psychology, I study how entrepreneurs are associated with economic regularities.


PhD in Business Administration (Field: Entrepreneurship and Strategy),  2012

Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

M.S. Industrial Engineering, 2003

Penn State University

Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial), 2001

University of Mumbai, India


One of the first projects I worked for was studying gender disparities in entrepreneurship. Our research published in the Journal of Applied Psychology had some non-intuitive implications and generated considerable interest in mainstream media. I also worked on a paper published in the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal that identified the effects of globalization on social entrepreneurship and identified the trends that might shape social change. more>>>


I and a colleague co-developed a new class leveraging our technology backgrounds. In our new 16 week course (MGMT 4080 Applied Technology Entrepreneurship) we harness the synergy between the university technology office and the business school to provide our students access to cutting edge technologies. We also customize participation so that students with vastly different backgrounds in business and technology can meet their common and unique learning goals in technology entrepreneurship. We intend to collaborate with entrepreneurship educators throughout the world through our open source learning website that enables students to participate outside of class, collaborate on ideas, and customize the course to their interests and background. more>>>

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