Simulation Models

I had prior expereince working with simulations–as a startup serving the factory automation industry. Here, I want to explore some agent based simulation models and how they can address some ‘what if’ questions.

1. Dynamics of Knowledge Flows: In this simple simulation, I model the interactions between firms to see the sustainability and evolution of innovative and replicative entrepreneurship. Different evolutions are proposed for regions varying in absorptive capacity. The red patches show replicative entrepreneurship while blue indicates innovative entrepreneurship. The competence measures the relative competence of the MNE and local entrepreneurs. The simulation is developed in NetLogo.

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2. Hill climbing with partners: In this simple simulation developed from the hill climbing stub, I explore how different sequences of partnering choices can lead to different outcomes. The goal for firms is modeled as a fitness landscape with partners providing key resources. Firm can choose partners with vision or speed. In an academic study, we explore these choices made by entrepreneurs as they choose the sequence of partnering relationships.

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